The Alfred Hitchcock Signature

In 1972, journalist, author, film historian and Hollywood interviewer Sandra Shevey was invited to a 3 hour, one-on-one interview with director Alfred Hitchcock - the director`s last before his death in 1980.

This collection of essays includes quotes and revelations from Shevey`s seminal interview with the director as well as other interviews with the actors, actresses, producers and even family Hitchcock worked with as part of her life-long fascination with the life and work of this groundbreaking director.


ISBN: 9780955700088 Price: £25

The Alfred Hitchcock Signature: Essays by Sandra Shevey is available as an eBook exclusively through Sandra Shevey Books. Order your copy now by emailing


The collection includes 8 articles on a wide-range of Hitchcock topics and draws on the huge archive of interviews Shevey has undertaken since the 1950s, as well as her correspondence with key collaborators and contributors to Hitchcock’s oeuvre across his career.


Included in this collection are the following works:

The Aryan Trope in the Films of Alfred Hitchcock

Iconography and Caricature in Alfred Hitchcock`s `Rebecca`

Alfred Hitchcock and Suburbia in `Psycho`

Alfred Hitchcock and The Writers

Sandra Shevey on Hitchcock`s `Vertigo`

`Vertigo`: Hitchcock`s Second Coming

The Man Who Knew Too Much`: Male Authoritarianism in the Post-Holocaust Era

Alfred Hitchcock and Cult of Self-Immolation in `The Man Who Knew Too Much`



ssSandra Shevey interviewed Alfred Hitchcock when she was age 29. He was 73. It is a definitive feminist interview, rare at the time and even now very rare.

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